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Dreadwood Press Radio

Dreadwood Press Radio is a horror-fiction podcast written by Arthur DeHart.


Welcome to Dreadwood! Dreadwood is a crime-ridden town located high up in the mountains. No one knows how they ended up in Dreadwood, but they do know they can't leave. Dreadwood is cut off from the rest of the world and hidden in a dense forest. Who knows what's lurking in there? Each night the local radio station gets a new host. When you want to retire you kill the old host and take the job of confessing your crimes. 

Creepy Playground
Creepy Bridge

About the Author

Arthur DeHart is a writer and award-winning oil painter. He is a twenty-one year old trans man from a small town in East Tennessee. His poetry has been published in various zines and his paintings have been shown in galleries in Chicago,IL and Knoxville, TN. 

You can find him on Instagram @arthurjuledwards. 

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